Mrs. Angel Humphrey-Owner 
D.O.B-February 5
Education-BA Degree Business Management 
Hobbies- Singing, Spending quality time with family, Traveling
Vision-To be a global leader in early childhood education to enpower the urban community and our Nation. Also to one day open a shelter for homeless Women & Children. 
Future goals-Going back to school, and traveling to Africa, Spain & Paris
We have different gifts, according to God's grace... 
If it is Serving, then serve
If it is Teaching, than Teach
If it is to Encourage, then give encouragement
If it is to Lead, then do it diligently
If it is to show Mercy, do it cheerfully.
Romans 12:6-8 NIV
Mr. Robert Humphrey-Owner
D.O.B- June 28
Education-BA Degree Computer Information Systems 
Hobbies- Playing sports with my son "Destined" & Traveling
Future goals- To see my son graduate from Grad school and retire in a warm State.
Ms. Trina Brown-Director 
D.O.BJuly 4
Education-Associate Degree in Early childhood education
Hobbies-Reading, Baking, Vacationing
Vision-To be a leading Mentor in educating our youth Today,Tommorow and Years to come
Future goals- To pursue a higher degree in Business Management